Aluminium Blinds


Aluminium venetian blinds are often chosen as a cost effective option and are available in a variety of colours including many wood grain colours. Limited colours are also available as perforated, consisting of hundreds of small little holes.  
Aluminium venetian blinds are available in a couple of different widths although the norm has become either 25mm or 50mm wide slats. When it comes to cost, the 25mm wide slats in plain colours are the least expensive with perforated and wood grain colours being the more expensive products in the range. Below are some pointers or guidelines in helping you make your decision easy

Aluminium Options

25mm Aluminium blinds are best suited for areas such as bathrooms, Kitchens and office spaces. They are very cost effective and work well for the budget. 

When considering Aluminium

  • Aluminium blinds are generally much lighter than wood venetian blinds, 25mm blinds are therefore available in longer widths. 

  • Aluminium blinds are available in a range of different colours making them suitable for themed rooms requiring colourful blinds. 

  • They are lightweight and are therefore easy to pull up.

  • Aluminium blinds are more fragile than wooden or styro blinds and should therefore be fitted out of reach of young children or pets. Extra care should be taken when opening windows through blinds when they are in the down position. 

  • Aluminium blinds are ideally suited for wet areas and are often selected to compliment appliances in kitchens or sanitary fittings in bathrooms.

  • Aluminium blinds can create a very contemporary look in a modern home


Silver Aluminium Blind