Patio Blinds


Patio Blinds are a convenient way to protect your outside space from the elements while still enjoying the space you are in. Patio blinds help filter sun, rain and wind when down and with the Shearweave range you can still enjoy the view. In the rolled up position it gives you a seamless transition from inside to outside without any fuss. With the crank system the blinds are easy to operate when opening and closing. The new look and style of the patio blinds has moved with the times and lets your outside area look as good as your inside space, giving you a more modern feel.  

Outdoor Shearweave


Aluminium Blind Colours
Alumimium colours


Crank System

Aluminium Blind Colours

* Please note that due to the    wide range of colours in the    wood range, we can't            display all colours. If              you would like to view the      full range please contact us    for an obligation free              quotation.

When considering Patio Blinds

  • Aluminium blinds are generally much lighter than wood venetian blinds, 25mm blinds are therefore available in longer widths. 

  • Aluminium blinds are available in a range of different colours making them suitable for themed rooms requiring colourful blinds. 

  • They are lightweight and are therefore easy to pull up.

  • Aluminium blinds are more fragile than wooden or styro blinds and should therefore be fitted out of reach of young children or pets. Extra care should be taken when opening windows through blinds when they are in the down position. 

  • Aluminium blinds are ideally suited for wet areas and are often selected to compliment appliances in kitchens or sanitary fittings in bathrooms.

  • Aluminium blinds can create a very contemporary look in a modern home


Silver Aluminium Blind