Roller Blinds


Roller blinds are fast becoming one of the most popular forms of window dressing. They are available in a wide selection of different fabric options ranging from inexpensive fabrics that will filter light to create the right room atmosphere to the more expensive blockout fabrics, some with incredible thermal characteristics.

Roller blinds are idealy suited to modern and contemporary room settings. A popular option amongst roller blinds, especially in office enviroments, is the range of Sheerweave fabrics. Sheerweave fabrics allows one to filter harsh sunlight but still allows you to see through them. Sheerweave blinds are available in different weave options, some allowing in more light than others

Roller Blind Options

* This product is also                available in a motorized          system with wall or remote    operating control

When considering Roller

  • Roller blinds are best suited for rooms requiring privacy at night time but privacy during the day time is not a great concern as the blinds will be in the up position during the day.

  • Shearweave roller blinds on the other hand are weaved to the extent that one can see through them allowing them to be used as filters for harsh sunlight. They afford great privacy during daytime but not at night when the lights are switched on.

  • Roller blinds that consist of more than one section, normally have a large gap between the fabrics. It is therefore crucial that the joints be kept in front of the window mullions if privacy is of great concern. 

  • Optional extras for roller blinds are casette systems (a valance or pelmet with integrated brackets), regular valances and stainless steel pull chains