Shutters are a beautiful way to protect your home from the elements as well as let you manipulate the amount of light and privacy you desire. Thermo Shutters also help to control the hot and cold through out the changing seasons. ESC Flooring & Blinds are a credited Rigidcore dealer and installer for Rigidcore Thermo Shutters. Shutters can be manufactured to fit small to large window and door openings by using different opening systems.

Bi-Fold - for doors and large window

Hinged - for windows smaller then 1200mm wide

Slide    - for large openings that don't have enough               room in the area to constantan into.


Rigidcore Thermo Shutters

Bi-Fold System


1 Bi-Fold B.jpg

Hinged System


1 Hinged B.jpg

Slide System


1 Bypass B.jpg

When considering Shutters

* Rigidcore Thermo Shutters can be powder coated in various colours to suit the           individual needs of the customer, however please note that this is at an additional     cost to the    shutters price.

• PVC shutters are the least expensive of the shutter option on the market. They are      easy to clean, are fire resistant, they give excellent control of light and noise, offer        great thermal insulation and will not warp, twist or crack like wooden products. This     product is also impervious to moisture and will not swell when wet.


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