Shutters are a beautiful way to protect your home from the elements as well as let you manipulate the amount of light and privacy you desire. There are three different ranges available in the shutters. PVC Shutters are custom-made, louver door shutters, manufactured from a durable, specially engineered wood substitute for indoor use. 

Regular aluminium shutters are designed for interior and exterior use, they are however not a security barrier.

Security Shutters are manufactured from aluminium that are designed specifically as a security barrier.They feature a two-way locking system, making it virtually impenetrable.


Thermo Shutters

Aluminium      Shutters


Security Shutters

* The aluminium products in    this range can be powder      coated in various colours to  suit the individual needs of    the customer, however please  note that this is at an              additional cost to the        shutters

When considering Shutters

• PVC shutters are the least expensive of the three options that we offer. They are easy to clean, are fire resistant, they give excellent control of light and noise, offer   great thermal insulation and will not warp, twist or crack like wooden products. This     product is also impervious to moisture and will not swell when wet.
• Aluminium shutters can be used either indoors or outdoors and are often used as a sunscreen on the exterior. When comparing them to PVC shutters these would be     more expensive. Aluminium shutters are more rigid than PVC shutters and can         therefore be made into larger panels than the PVC shutters, often without a divider in   the center of the panel. These shutters are not designed with security in mind as the   product is not supplied with locks but rather with latches.
• Aluminium security shutters are as the name suggests, designed with security in     mind. They offer all of the above-mentioned benefits but in addition to this they are also supplied with a lock controlling two locking bolts into the top and bottom rails.     All of this makes the security shutter virtually impenetrable.


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