Wooden blinds remain one of the most popular blind options with South African home owners. Due to their popularity, they have become very affordable in recent years and are therefore often used throughout the home or office. They are generally quite sturdy and forgiving and do not damage easily. Wooden blinds come standard with wooden tassels, wooden bottom rails and wooden valances (pelmets) that hide the metal headrail. Our wooden blinds are treated with the latest UV coatings to ensure that they can withstand the harsh South African climate. It is important to remember that wooden blinds are not suited for all applications, here are some guidelines to make your decision easier.


50mm Basswood blinds are a classic window dressing that suit many styles of homes. Basswood blinds are made from real wood or bamboo 

When considering wooden blinds

  • Avoid fitting wooden blinds where they could get wet.

  • Large wooden blinds are heavy to pull up, one should avoid having large sections if you plan to pull them up on a regular basis.

  • Wood is a natural product and is therefore subject to certain imperfections like slight warping, blemishes and colour variations.

  • Wooden blinds are made for light control and provide good privacy.

  • When considering wood venetian blinds on doors in a reveal-fix installation, it is important to remember that the blind stack will reduce the walk-through height when in the pulled up position.

50mm white wooden blinds